Gardenscapes is an online single player puzzle game developed and published by Playrix Games in August 2016. The game is available for free to play and can be played on various platforms like Android/iOS, MAC OS and on FB Games too.

intro to gardenscapes game


The game is based on the amazing storyline which players have to follow in the game and complete the given tasks to proceed to the next level.

As the name suggests, in the Gardenscapes, players have to restore the abandoned garden left unmaintained for years. Austin the Butler is an in-game character which will guide players in restoring the garden.

Players need stars to complete the restoring work in the game. Stars can be opted by solving puzzles which are based on match-3 mechanics.

What is Match-3 Mechanics?

Remember an old game called Candy Crush? You need to match 3 candies into 1 line horizontally or vertically to burst or make candies disappear. In just a few months after its launch, the game became popular and gone viral on the internet. The match-3 gaming has become very popular since candy crush game.

gardenscapes match 3 levels

But, something was missing in that game, it’s because after playing the game for a couple of months, you start getting bored of continuously solving match 3’s one by one. There was nothing different to do in that game except solving match 3’s.

If there is something to do other than not just solving the puzzles but also a story to follow or any tasks to go along with completing puzzles will keep the users engaging in the game, and they will not get bored.

That’s an amazing idea, right?

The exact same combination of in-game story and puzzle solving introduced to players by Playrix in the form of Gardenscapes game.

Now players have an interesting story to follow in the game, and for completing in-game tasks, they need to solve the puzzles and then complete the tasks by using their stars earned from solving match-3 levels. If you are looking for homescapes hack then we have a great guide on it.

Restore the Garden at Its Best

Your main objective in this game is to restore the old garden to its new look. This is not the work which can be done overnight; you need to do it step by step. From placing benches in the garden to restoring the tree house, fixing the broken water fountain and cleaning the place for grassroots.

There are lots of work to do in the garden to make it beautiful. That is the reason you are given daily tasks in the game to do. You can complete your daily tasks on a daily basis.

This way, your garden will slowly come into shape and will look better day by day. To do any work in the game, you need stars. Solve the match 3’s and take the stars to use them to complete the work.

With each match 3 level, your experience grows accordingly, and you will start getting harder levels to beat. With more than 1750 active levels and counting; this game is an entertainment unstoppable.

Solve the Hardest Puzzles on the Planet

Primary puzzles of the game are obviously easy to solve because we need to acclimatize ourselves with the game puzzles. But as we grow our experience in the game, the puzzles become harder and harder to solve.

Still, there are human beings who succeeded solving more than 1750 plus puzzles of Gardenscapes and still persisting to solve the hardest ones. They are considered as the hardest puzzles on the planet.

Are you ready to beat the hardest match 3 level of Gardenscapes game?

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The Emotional Game Story to Encourage You

If you paid attention to the game story on the first intro of the game, you know how emotional the moment was for Austin when he wrote a letter to the new owner (that is you) of the beautiful garden and a mansion.

The game story really encourages you to make the garden beautiful again just like it was before when the old owner used to take care of it with Austin.

The full storyline (with some extra exaggeration of course) mentioned in detail on the Playrix forum by one of the member called Jason Westbrook.

You can check out his story about the game on

He wrote really well about the story with lots of funny quotes. Do check out his words.

The Gameplay Help

  • Restoring Garden

When it comes to restoring the garden, players always try to do one task at a time. It is because for every task you want to do, you need stars to do it. In my opinion, if you want to loot more joys out of this game, set up your gameplay tactics first.

In the first half of your gameplay, just play match 3 levels and try to collect as many stars as you can.

In the second half, use those stars to complete the restoration of the garden without interruption.

This way, it becomes easier for you to stay connected with various restoration work of the garden one after one, and helps you to let yourself flow with the storyline of the game and enjoy it without any hurdles of the match 3’s. It will also save your efforts for going back, again and again, to play match 3’s and collect single star to use it in the particular task.

  • Unlocking New Areas of the Garden

Your garden is so long that it is spread into acres. So, there are lots of works you have to do to make the whole garden so beautiful.

You need to invest your game days (other than real life days) in an area of the garden to restore it fully.

Each area of the garden can take up to 3 to 5 game days for restoration. It depends upon how long the garden area is.

Once you complete all the game days, you will get unlocked new areas of the gardens. So it is upon you that how frequently you complete the game days to finish the current area’s restoration and unlock the new areas of the garden.

  • Getting More Rewards than Usual

Other than daily bonuses, there are multiple ways available in the game by which you can earn more rewards than usual.

Finish Your Game Days:

Ty to finish the game day in your real day. If you don’t know, you can get coins, boosters or unlimited lives for each time you complete your game day.

Use Your Lucky Spin Daily:

If you don’t know, the in-game character called Einar will bring you a lucky spin daily to earn extra rewards by stopping his spinning wheel. Whenever you see Einar on your game screen (on the left side of your screen) tap him, and he will spin his wheel for you.

Be Ready For Special Events:

Don’t miss any special events introduced in the game and take part in it to make more resources. You can earn the hell lot of coins, boosters, lives and much more in the game with the special events.

Match 3 Level Help

  • Introduction to Power-Ups

There are 4 types of power-ups you can create in the ongoing match 3 levels. Those are

  1. Firecrackers (Match 4 pieces of the same elements to create it)
  2. Bombs (Match 5 pieces of the same elements to create it)
  3. Dynamite (Match 6 pieces of the same elements to create it)
  4. TNT (Match 7 pieces of the same elements to create it)

As their names suggest, every power up will blast in the match 3 levels with their respective blast radius from small to large, and benefit you by making your match 3 level simpler.

gardenscapes boosters

Except from these regular Powerups there is another one Power up you can use in the levels called Chargeable power up.

This power-up is also known as Rainbow Blast.

It gets activated in every level by completing certain things. You can see it activating on the bottom left corner of the screen. It gets the charge when each time you blast any regular power up. When the required charging it needs is completed, it will get activated for you to use in the level.

To use it, you need to switch it with any element nearby power up. It will make all those types of elements disappear which you have switched with it.

  • Introduction to Boosters

Boosters work same as power-ups do but there is a little bit difference in boosters. You can buy boosters before starting any match 3 level. The boosters are ideal for using in the hard levels of the game.

You cannot create boosters just like you can create power-ups in the game. You have to get them as a reward or simply buy them.

There are 4 types of boosters available till now. Those are

  1. Rainbow Blast
  2. Double Bomb Booster
  3. Rainbow Blast & Dynamite
  4. Shovel Booster

Most of the boosters are a combination of 2 power-ups and they work like both of them as well.

All the boosters can be purchased before getting into match 3 levels except one. Shovel booster is the only one which can be obtained in between the ongoing match 3 level.

You can find shovel booster on the left side of the screen from where you can make use of it.

When you use the shovel booster, it will break or remove only one element which you have selected to remove.

Just tap on the shovel booster and then tap on the element which you want to remove or break. Learn more about boosters and powerups here.

Everything about Lives

Lives are nothing but the chances to play match 3 levels. You can have maximum 5 lives at a time to play the levels in the game.

If you run out of lives, then it will take 30 minutes to gain 1 life for your account.

You can buy lives as well from in-app purchase just like coins and boosters.

You can also ask for lives to your friends from your Facebook account. If your friend sends you a life, it will appear in your lives stock and you will get such notification also.

Sometimes users don’t see their received life from their friends. It is maybe because the quota of their lives is already full. You can only see maximum 5 lives in your stock. That doesn’t mean the life your friend sent to you is lost, it will appear in your account as soon as you use one of the lives from your account.

Is there any topic you expected to cover us but we did not?

Stay tuned! There is a lot more to come in the coming days. Also if you want to know anything about the Gardenscapes game, we are here to help you. Send us your concern and we will try our level best to provide you the right information about this fantastic game.