Boosters Vs Powerups

gardenscapes boosters and powerups

Difference between Boosters & Power-ups in Gardenscapes

To solve hardest match 3 puzzles in the Gardenscapes game, players can use various Boosters & Powerups to help them solve the puzzles easily.

But most of the users don’t know the exact difference between Boosters and Power-ups. To know everything about this concept, consider reading the following information to understand what exactly boosters and Powerups do in the game and their significant differences.


Boosters are like special add-ons you can pick up while solving any problematic puzzle in the game. To activate boosters in your puzzle, you need to pick them up just before entering into the puzzle.

You can simply purchase boosters in the game, or there are numerous ways to obtain boosters in the game. We will discuss with them later. For now, let’s understand how boosters work.

As we know, there are 4 types of boosters available in the game to use. Those are Rainbow Blast, Double Bomb Booster, Rainbow Blast & Dynamite, Shovel Booster, Rake Booster.

The Shovel & Rake boosters are the only boosters which you can purchase or pick anytime in the game, no matter in which section of the game you are. Even if you are playing match 3 levels and you want to buy these boosters in the middle of the match, you can do that by simply taping on the shovel & Rake booster’s icon available on the left side of the game screen. These are the only boosters you can get and use anytime you want. For the rest 3 boosters, you need to pick them up before the match 3 level starts.

How Do Boosters work?

Rainbow Blast:

To activate rainbow blast booster, you need to charge it fully. To charge it, you need to explode a certain amount of power-ups in the match 3 level. You can see the number of power-ups required to charge it through its progress bar.

When you activate rainbow blast and use it with any of its nearby element, it will make all those specific elements disappear or burst. For the best results, use this booster with any other power-up available in the puzzle.

Double Bomb Booster:

Just like its name, it creates a massive explosion around its elements when activated.

Rainbow Blast & Dynamite:

We know how rainbow blast works. Dynamite is a power-up which consists the stronger explosion around 3 element radius in the game. Now, these both element can create a massive destruction when used as the mixture of a booster.

Shovel Booster:

Shovel booster is used to remove or break single element from the puzzle. You can tap on shovel booster and then tap on the particular element to remove it from the match.

Rake Booster:

The rake booster is a new one added to the game couple of days ago. This works as a real rake and removes all the elements in the row or column when used.

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Power-ups are the specific outcomes come into existence when you match more than 3 elements in a single move. You can create lots of power-ups with your moves like Firecrackers, Bombs, and Dynamite & TNT.

You cannot buy power-ups; they can only be created through your moves or can be obtained through various winning rewards or through spin the wheel game.

How Power-ups Work?


To create this firecracker power-up, match 4 elements with the same color to create it. It creates a small explosion in its neighboring elements when used.


Just like their name, they explode when used. Match 5 elements in one move and create bombs.


Dynamite can be created by matching 6 similar elements. Dynamite can create really strong blast and removes everything around its 3 element radius.


Creating TNT is very hard in the puzzle, and people get very rare chances to do so. But if you succeed creating it, it can wipe out everything between 4 element radius. Match 7 or more elements to create TNT.

One of the biggest difference between the boosters and power-ups is that you can purchase boosters, but you cannot purchase power-ups. However, both the options are available to win through day completion as a rewards or in various in-game rewards system. Consider reading the match 3 level help available on our homepage to understand the ways to get these boosters and Powerups in the rewards.

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