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True or False: Win Free Lives Up to Two Hours – The Facebook Page Event

Do you want to get free lives for two hours in Gardenscapes? If yes, then it is time to join the Gardenscapes Facebook page.

Currently, there is true or false contest taking place on the Gardenscapes FB page. By participating in this event, you can get a chance to play match 3 levels for almost two hours without any hurdles and of losing your lives.

Free Lives Of Up To Two Hours

In the true or false contest, you have to guess the statements available there whether they are true or false. The more the right answers you give, the more the rewards you get from this contest.

You just have to guess the statements about this game if they are right or wrong. Your correct answers could help you get free lives to play puzzles up to two hours.

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There are various sentences available to guess about the Gardenscapes games and its background story. Give the right answers and win the lives.

How to Participate In this Contest?

You can participate in the true or false facebook page event from your game’s settings menu. Check out the following path.

Go to the settings (top right corner of the game screen) > news > true or false event > Go.

Click on the Go button which will direct you to the Gardenscapes facebook page. If you are not a page follower, then first you need to follow the Gardenscapes FB page to take part in the contest.

If you are already following the game page, you will automatically direct to the contest section of the page.

Now just start guessing the statements about the game one by one and at the end of the contest, If you provide all the right answers of the comments, then you could get free lives up to two hours in the game.

Magic Hats Event

Magic Hat Events

The Magic Hats is a regular event currently happening in the Gardenscapes. In this event, you need to finish the regular match 3 puzzles and get magic hats by each beaten level. With these hats, you will also get lots of boosters as a rewards to use them in the next match 3 levels.

It is a limited time event which will expire soon. But still, there are lots of chances to get boosters like Rainbow Blast, Dynamite and even TNT preset before you start to play next level. The only condition to get these boosters continuously is that you need to beat all the levels without fail.

During the event, you cannot lose any of the levels. If you do so, you may get out of the event. There are not special match 3 levels you need to play for this event, all you need to do is just play the regular levels when this event is activated in your game.

To take part in the magic hats event, you must have surpassed the 30th level of the game. The user with level number 31 and above are eligible for magic hats event.

Important Notes for This Event:

After playing the “event introducing level” of this event, the boosters you won from the introducing level will immediately get activated for your further level. You can use your won boosters in the next level for the help.

For the ending of this event, you should reach to the last hat and play every level on it until the event gets over by itself or until you lose there.


One of the major benefits to play in this event is that you can surpass match 3 levels faster than ever. It is because you are not only playing those levels to win but also you are getting bits of the help of free boosters with each beating levels.

You will save lots of times and collect lots of stars to continue in the garden story as well.

Fireworks Festival – Gardenscapes

The Fireworks Festival is a competitive event currently available to play in the Gardenscapes game. In this event, players need to score points to climb the leaderboard of this event to win the finale rewards and lots of prizes.

This is a limited time event just like regular events of the game. Your primary objective in this event is to collect as many points as you can while playing the puzzles.

Since this is a competitive event, you need to score more points than your opponents on the leaderboard. To score points, you need to play the match 3 puzzles and create various power-ups while beating the levels.

The points you earn by creating power-ups is set according to the impact of power-ups. Like 1 point for creating Firecrackers, 2 points for creating Bombs, 3 points for creating Dynamite and 4 for creating TNT. The more powerful power-ups you create, the more points up to 4 points maximum you can collect in a single move.

As far as the match 3 levels are concerned, you can solve the regular match 3 levels when the event is active in your game.

How to Participate in Gardenscapes Fireworks Festival?

To take part in this event, you need to be on level number 26 and above. All the players with these levels are illegible to take part in fireworks festival.

The event is bit ram consuming in the game, so be sure you have at least 600MB of ram in your smartphone to continue playing this event.

Also, make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable while playing this event and accessing the leader’s board in the game.

The results of the event will be declared once the event is closed and the mega prices will be available to claim within less than 1 hour of the event.

So what are you waiting for, surpass the level number 26 and be ready to rock the leader’s board in Fireworks Festival. Have fun.

And yes, stay tuned for more upcoming events in the Gardenscapes game.