Gardenscapes Events For the Month of June 2019

gardenscapes events june 2019

Gardenscapes Events June 2019

Gardenscapes is an addictive match-3 puzzle solving gardening gameplay introduced by Playrix for Android and iOS users. In this game, you have to help Austin a butler to renovate his garden with all the new stuff and to give a fresh and glamorous look to his garden.

There are unexpected twists and turns in the storyline of the game to restore the beautiful garden to its former glory. Multiple events have been introduced for making your gameplay funnier.

Events are introduced as additional game content made accessible for a limited time period. Events are generally connected with holidays for Christmas, Easter, Lunar New Year, Halloween, etc. or as a part of the latest updates to the game.

If you want to know about the upcoming events and their approximate dates, then you can get it from the update description or in-game news. You must have to remember that all the events are limited for a particular time period.

Here in this article, we are introducing with the events that are presently active in the game. Hence, go through this article for more details.

List of Currently Active Events in Gardenscapes

1. Training

Dog training is a temporary event which can be played in the month of June, where you need to beat chains of levels without losing any of them. There are multiple chains that open one after the other, and you can earn a separate set of rewards for it.

If you lose the level, then you have to begin the chain once again. There are independent lives for the event that are given to you except in the main game.

These lives called as treats, and you can see them on the left corner of the training ground screen. If you lose these treats, then it will take 30 minutes to refill them again.

You will get rewards like Boosters, Gardencash, and countless lives throughout the period of this event.

NOTE: – Only the players who have finished bring the puppy task on the 37th level are eligible for participating in this event.

2. Team Chest

Team chest is a regular in-game event that is presently running. In this event, you have to collect a bunch of a number of shields in a given time limit.

This event doesn’t have any specific levels; hence, you have to keep playing the game from where you are in the main level chain.

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During the event, you have to collect the golden shields with your teammates for unlocking the reward chest. All the players will get shields for beating regular level as well as levels with the chest. You can ask for lives from your teammates and share lives with them too.

3. Orangery Flower

This is next in the list of events to play not only in the month of June but also on a regular basis. Orangery Flower is a temporary event where you need to grow a flower in three stages by winning the set number of levels.

By participating in this event, you can earn rewards like Coins, unlimited lives, Gardencash, and boosters. For Participating in this event, you have to reach the 35th level.

4. Treasure Hound

Treasure hound is the event where you have to win all the levels without losing. For every level, you beat, you can get the free boosters at the beginning of the next level. Participating in this event also rewards you with some new moves along with boosters.

The number of boosters that you get at the beginning of the next level depends on how many levels you beat in a row. This event held by the game on a regular basis and is time-limited. For participating in this event, you have to play on the 31st level and above.

5. Fireworks Festival

Fireworks festival is not only limited for the month of June but also a regular competitive in-game event. This event is time-limited and is in two stages:

First is to score the required number of points by creating power-ups in match-3 levels to get a reward and open the competition itself. Distinct power-ups will give you different points. For instance, Firecrackers will provide you with 1 point, 3 for dynamite, 2 for bombs, and 4 for TNT.

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In the second stage, you must have to try to collect as many points as you can for being on the top of the leaderboard and win the main prize.

The players who have reached on 26th level or higher can take part in this event, but this event is available only for the players who have devices with more than 600 Mb of RAM.

6. Gold Reserve Special Offer

This event contains the special offer that helps you to buy coins at the best prize. You will get bonus coins with the standard reward for every level you beat while the special offer is on.

These coins are kept in a unique safe; you will get a chance to buy them at a high price as early as you collect the number listed in the offer terms.

You can buy whole the coins at once as soon as you collect the required amount, or even you can continue them to buy them later, in which case the deal will be best. The amount of bonus coins you are earning depends on the number of regular coins that you get for beating the levels.

The size of the bonus depends on the number of coins you are obtaining regular coins. You can get bonus points for beating regular levels and even for levels with the chest.

7. Magic Hats

The Magic hats is the event in which you have to beat the levels without losing. For every level, you beat; you will get the boosters whenever you begin with the next level. Taking part in this event offers you the boosters and additional moves. The more levels you beat in a row, the more boosters at the start of the following levels you will get.

This event is conducted by the game regularly and has time limitations.

8. Bumper Crop

A bumper crop is the regular competitive in-game event. It contains 3 stages:

  • Make a match with apples to score the number of points you required to obtain reward and unlock the competition itself as well as your personal goals.
  • Score the required number of points to achieve group targets with other event participants. You will get rewards for your target achievements.
  • In the last stage, you have to score as many points as you can for getting top position on the leaderboard and end up with the main prize.

This event doesn’t have any specific levels; hence, keep on playing the normal levels in the game.

Wrapping Up

We have finally wrapped up with all the events list that you can play in JUNE 2019. All events are present in the game, and you can make your gameplay better by participating in these in-game events and competitive events.

Go through the list and give your valuable feedback. This game is addictive, and you need a continuous flow of resource and events help you for getting those for you.

Do you have any suggestions then reply in the given comment box? Stay connected with us for more details. Till then enjoy the world of gardening!