Homescapes Hack Cheats Get Free Stars Coins Legally

homescapes hack cheats

Homescapes Game

Homescapes has launched by Playrix and is available for the Android and iOS users and even available in the Amazon App store. Homescapes was introduced as the spin-off for Gardenscapes game that is based on match-3 techniques. From the day it was released in September 2017 it has been the addictive game.

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Homescapes is the game where coins and stars are the main currency, and you must have a good knowledge of Homescapes hacks and cheats for getting these currencies. Let me introduce you all with the gameplay first.

I am playing this game from some time now and trust me; it has become my favorite game. In Homescapes you have to help the Austin a butler to revamp his ancient villa which is going to sell by his parents by solving the puzzles.

Austin wants to renovate his villa to change the mindset of his parents. For restoring you have to earn stars and you need coins for purchasing resources for solving the puzzles. This game helps you to develop your designing skills and your creative thinking too.

For renovating this villa, you need to know how to hack Homescapes by using the legal ways.

Here in this article, we have tried to introduce the legal Homescapes cheats and hacks that help you to obtain the resources.

Top 10 Homescapes Hack And Cheats To Gain Coins Stars Legally in 2019.

1.  Try to Finish The Day

Finishing the day is one of the best Homescapes cheat as it comes up with the rewards like 30 minutes of unlimited life and one booster that may contain rocket, bomb, Paper planes or rainbow balls. You have to finish the tasks as soon as possible for ending the day.

2. Tap the Message Icon Whenever You See On Your Game Screen

Reading messages is best Homescapes coin Hack because whenever you take help from in-game characters for revamping your mansion, they will send you a gratitude note and by opening this gratitude note, you can easily earn the free coins as a gift.

So don’t forget to tap on the message icon while playing the game.

3. Join the Other Games by Playrix

While playing the game, you will see the icons that are prompting for joining other games from Playrix such as Gardenscapes, Township, or Fishdom on the right side of your screen.

You have to click on that, and it will take you to the Playstore or App store for installing that game. Installation is not necessary only clicking on these icons helps you in earning Homescapes free coins. Hence always click on these icons whenever you see while playing the game.

homescapes hack tool

4. Defeat Thrilling Match-3 Levels

Winning the match-3 levels are very important and the only way to earn stars in the game. If you want to renovate your villa, then there is no other option except Stars.

For every passing level, the game will reward you with 1 star, and if you get success to beat super hard level, then there is a chance to earn 2 stars at the same time.

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For beating match-3 levels, you have to fulfill more than one goal. You can see the goals before you begin on a new level. For progressing through every level, you have to match more than three pieces of the same kind.

You can combine two power-ups for the best effect.  Every level comes with limited moves, so use them wisely. You have to remove all the barriers that make your level challenging.

5. Take Part in Competitions and leagues

Taking part in the competitions and leagues is one of the crucial Homescapes cheats because when you participate in competitions helps you to create leaderboard out of the participants who are on the similar level.

They are randomly selected hence; you and your friends might be on different leaderboards.

If you want to check your position on the leaderboard, then you can see that by clicking on the scoreboard on another side of the road or even you can tap the event icon which is on the left side of the screen.

You will get participation rewards with all the other players, and at the same time, 10 best players will be rewarded with unique prizes.

On the other hand, leagues allow you to obtain more goodies because you can join leagues only for competitive events.

Although the rewards you are getting depend on your leaderboard position. Right now there are six leagues from which the guest league is lowest and beginning point for everyone after they beat the earlier stage of the competition.

And the pro league is the highest one that offers you the best rewards.

6. Complete The Level In Minimum Moves

Completing the levels in minimum moves is essential because if you utilize this Homescapes hack, then you can earn more coins.

When you begin with the level, it will allow you some moves, and if you finish the levels in minimum steps, then the remaining moves will automatically convert into the boosters. You will get 50 coins for every level completion, and you will get extra coins from the boosters that will be generated from left out moves.

homescapes hack tool

Well, the amount of extra coins you are getting varies by level to level because these additional coins you are getting will depend on how many moves are left after finishing the level.

For instance, If you have 30 moves and you complete the level in 25 steps then remaining five moves will give you extra coins.

7.  Join Events

Joining events is the useful Homescapes hack because this will provide you with much more additional reward for playing your game.

These events include the set of match-3 levels, a special task in the mansion, a collection of prizes for fulfilling the mission, themes decorations and temporary changes in the villa and even discount on in-game purchases and special offers.

There are various events named as Furry tale event, treasure chest, Star chest, Happy times, Williams birthday, Flint’s adventure, above the clouds event, the double your prize offer, team chest, and paper planes generator.

Events are usually linked with holiday’s and also be a part of the new update. If you want to join any of these events, then you must know its criteria for joining. For instance, if you want to join the Furry tale event, then you have to beat the 40th level, or for joining treasure chest, you have to complete the 21st level.

The goal for team chest event is to collect the necessary amount crown by beating the levels together with the team. Try to open this event as soon as possible because this event gives you 3 hrs of countless lives which you cannot earn from any other source except by paying real money.

8. Collect Daily Rewards

The Homescapes offers you daily rewards that may contain boosters, coins, and even extra moves. Whenever you start the game first time in a day, a daily reward window will be displayed on your screen and whatever reward you will get it will be shown when you play the game. Utilize this Homescapes hack that helps to improve your gameplay.

9. Match Four Or More Same Pieces

Matching four or more same kind of blocks is useful Homescapes hack because this will help you to generate the unique piece that will help you to create special effect. For example matching four same kinds of pieces in a square shape will generate paper plane, five or six pieces in “T” shape will create bomb, and for creating rockets you have to match four same pieces in horizontal or vertical line and for generating rainbow ball you have to match the five same pieces in line.

All these boosters have different effects like the rainbow ball will remove multiple same color pieces, the bomb will remove a massive number of obstacles, removal of pieces by rockets depend on its direction, paper plane helps to remove any of the single pieces on the board.

10. Connect To Social Media

Connecting your game with Facebook is the best Homescapes hack tool because this will help you to obtain Homescapes free coins in no time. If you connect your game with social media, your account will be credited with 1000 coins immediately.

On the other hand, you can interact with your friends and invite them to play Homescapes. If your friend accepts your invitation, then you can get coins too. You can join the team when you reach a certain level. Teams are the group of peoples who are willing to communicate and help each other.

However, you can even ask for lives to your teammate and also help them by giving life to them.

Note: – For sending and receiving lives to your teammates you have to allow the game to take command over your Facebook account friend list as it is mandatory to take permission since the release of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

11. Watch In-Game Advertisements

Normally, when we say free resources we mean to not the need to spend money. However, if you are ready to spend several minutes of your time to watch advertisements shown in the game to earn free coins can also be considered as one of the best homescapes cheats to earn coins.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Go to your Daily To DO List.
  2. You will see an option called Watch a Video! Tap on it.
  3. See an advertisement video normally lasts up to 30 to 40 seconds max.
  4. As a reward, you will be rewarded with some amount of free coins.

What is Homescapes Coins Generator and Is It Legal?

Multiple websites do promotion for generators and use the no survey tool policy to grab the attention of players. But be aware of such scams.

homescapes coins generator

Homescapes Generator

Keep in mind that Generators are a Scam and they are not workable. Generators ask for your personal information, and that is the worst part of it.

If you provide any of such details, then there may be a chance of hacking your device, and these generators are harmful to your device as they contain the virus.

I will strongly recommend you all to use only legit ways for generating resources in your game.

Remember: – If you are hunting a way to get Unlimited Coins in the game, then there is no other option except buying them from the game store by paying real money.


Now, we have concluded with the only use of all legal Homescapes hacks and cheats of Homescapes. All I can say is that this game is addictive and helps to improve your designing skills.

If you stuck anywhere in the game, then use the above mentioned homescapes cheats and tricks. I hope you all enjoyed the article. Please do share your valuable opinions with us.