Spring Fresh Gardenscapes Update

gardenscapes spring update 2018

Gardenscapes came up today with the whole new Spring Fresh Update. With a new riverside garden area to explore along with spring festival activities.

The riverside story grand finale is here. If you haven’t participated in it yet, this is the right time.

Join in with the wild blue yonder and explore various things in the game.

There are a lot more to explore in this update. So let’s explore it one by one.

Riverside Story – The Grand Finale

We all know that the Riverside story event has come to its climax now. But still, there are lot more things to do yet.

How to Unlock New Riverside Area of the Garden?

Shake hands with the wild blue yonder and build a bridge across the river to unlock the new garden area.

Once your bridge is ready, you can explore the new garden area with friends.

Plan and arrange the picnic with your friends in the new garden area.

Beware, there is an abandoned home-like structure in the new area. People say there is a ghost living in that house. Want to explore this place, go there with friends and find out the ghost yourself. Don’t worry; it will be fun to know whether there is a real ghost or it’s just a rumor.

It’s a Festival Time, Enjoy with the Whole Town

Arrange a grand Easter feast within the town. Help Easter bunny who is coming to your town and enjoy with the people around you.

New levels are waiting for you at this time of the festival. Beat the levels in the period and earn lots of rewards.

There are lots of new in-game characters passing by your garden, show them what you have done yet in the garden. Interact with them and improve your in-game contacts.

Gardenscapes Update

Time to Earn More Rewards

With the Easter festival and Spring Fresh update, you are blessed with more rewards in the game. Complete in-game tasks and beat as much level as you can to get more often rewards and prizes from the game. It’s a reward rain happening in the game. Let’s bath in it.

Introducing New Booster: Rake

Rake Booster is there to help you in the match 3 levels. Use it to clear all the elements in a specific row or a column. The best part of the rake booster is that you can use it even while playing the match 3 puzzles. It’s just like using Shovel Booster during solving the puzzle.

Introducing New Element: Rope

There is also a new element you can see from now on in the match 3 puzzle. The Rope Element. Match 3 ropes into the same line, and the knot will get untie from the rope.

Take pleasure of the new spring fresh update of the Gardenscapes and win more and more rewards. Explore the new garden area and enjoy your picnic with friends. Solve the mystery of the ghost in Gardenscapes new area. Arrange an Easter party and invite friends.

There is lot more to do in the game. Stay updated and stay tuned to get more help from gardenscapesworld.com.